We as a congregation have made a donation of vegetables toward a Soup Kitchen that is led by the Lutheran Congregation in Eerste Rivier with the help of the Buhr Family. Mr Wakefield of the Sister Lutheran Church, sends his greetings and thanks for the generous donation and diaconical assistance. On the 14th August we will be visiting the Soup Kitchen.
We, here at the Bellville Church of the Cross congregation know of the many people who need assistance and shelter here in our City.
We do have a collection for the night shelter, and work in collaboration with the neighbourhood watch. However there are still ways to help…
Especially in winter we are faced with many, who come begging for food. With the help of some congregants we give them a can of food and warm tea.

If you have old but still good clothes and shoes or food to donate: please just drop it in the pastor’s office and we will pass it on to those who need it!