You may have noticed some changes here and there in how we have been doing things in the congregation. One of the more obvious changes that many have noticed, has been our English Contemporary Service; the ´Service flows somewhat more relaxed and less focused on the historical importance of certain liturgical tradtions. This has made the English service a bit more accessible to the average new stranger that we welcome among our midst. Most of the elements that belong to a Lutheran Divine Service have either been replaced by modern versions, or alternative variations. The fourth Sunday and fifth Sunday of the month are often accompanied by a talented group of young ladies, who have made our family services a bit more age appropriate for the younger generation. .I am very thankful to everyone who is involved as a liturg or musician and lektors.

A decision was taken that all Sunday Services that take place at the Church of the Cross ought to be Missional in nature. In a sense, being inviting to the stranger. Hosting those we know and love; as well as to host those we are yet to encounter. This does not mean a change in liturgy per se but a fresh approach in how we celebrate within the liturgy that we know and love in the German and Afrikaans Services.

You may have heard of Vine & Word, Mission & Vision and the need for Home-cell groups.
Vine & Word is a bible-study group that from the onset was intended for the working and studying members of our congregation to support, encourage and pray for one another in our various spaces in life. The hope for the future of Vine & Word is that it begins to branch out in the various homes of our congregational members. So we are going to put a map where you can see, which homes have made themselves available. for a home-cell/bible-study group in your area.
We are still in need of more homes to open their living rooms up for a home-cell group. Vine & Word is back from the 14 of August 2019 @ 19:00 weekly bible study. Mission & Vision will be coming to an end in August and we begin a new cycle with a new book to guide us on our journey to find our calling for our congregation. What is God doing with us in Bellville today? Pray with us as we journey together, and search together. The Mission & Vision group extends an invite to everyone who cannot drive in the evening, but is interested in the new journey we are undertaking as a congregation. From Tuesday 13 August 2019 there will be Mission & Vision at 09:30 at the Church centre. Coffee & Tea will be provided.

Naturally Changes are always unnerving and freightening…

But Thank God we are not walking the Journey on our own… let us keep praying for the congregation.

Meister, wir haben die ganze Nacht gearbeitet und nichts gefangen; aber auf dein Wort hin will ich die Netze auswerfen Lukas 5: 5