Mein Name ist Matome Sadiki. Aufgewachsen bin ich in Johannesburg und habe in Pietermaritzburg (Südafrika) und Göttingen (Deutschland) studiert, wo ich auch meine Frau kennengelernt habe. Zurzeit beende ich mein Vikariat in der Hannoverschen Landeskirche. Neben meiner Frau Christina gehören zu unserer Familie noch unsere beiden Töchter Edna (2 Jahre) und Noa (7 Monate).

Ich kann noch nicht surfen, genieße aber andere sportliche Aktivitäten und schaue natürlich auch gerne Sport. Ansonsten bin ich gerne draußen und liebe kleine und große Abenteuer. Ich freue mich darauf die Kapregion nicht nur mit meiner Familie, sondern auch mit Ihnen und Euch zu entdecken. Und im Rahmen der Kirchengemeinde die vielen unterschiedlichen Aspekte von Glauben, Kirche und Gottesdienst zu erfahren.

Chair Person

Gisela Prüter was born (as the 4th child and only girl) and raised in Bellville in 1971 to Herbert & Erika Prüter.  She matriculated at the D.F. Malan High School in 1989 and spent 1990 as a gap year in Germany – working and getting to know the distant family.

In various stages of her life, the Kreuzkirche Bellville featured prominently.

  • Christened by Pastor Peters in November 1971
  • Attended Kindergarten under Renate Schmidt
  • Kindergottesdienst and Jugend
  • Confirmed in April 1989 by Pastor Plüddemann
  • Previous Church Committee member

Almost all the congregants know her as she has been a member of the Kreuzkirche all her life.

In her spare time she enjoys camping, travelling, socializing with friends, reading and cooking.


Detlev Ahlert

Coopted Treasurer

Danie was born on the Steytler Estate in 1952, matriculated at Paul Roos Gymnasium, in Stellenbosch, did his military training at 1 Parachute Battalion, in Bloemfontein,  and was active for ten years in 2 Parachute Battalion as a volunteer, where he successfully completed  an officers course.

He studied Agriculture in Pretoria and Stellenbosch, before joining the family business in 1976 as third generation winemaker. He has been the CEO and Cellar master of the Estate since 1984.

Danie has been married to Yngvild Steytler for 37 years, and has two children and four grandchildren, with the fifth due in August.

Having been in business for 41 years, in a difficult industry, makes his primary interest financial matters. Danie is a reborn-Christian and finds happiness in serving the Lord and the congregation.

In his leisure time, Danie is very passionate about the outdoors – tennis, canoeing and cycling.

Minute keeper

As a member of the Church Committee he has served for many years now, mainly as minute keeper. His primary interest in congregational life revolves around relevant ways of church service presentations as well as religious tuition to young people. Ernst-Günther is an atmospheric chemist who works for the South African Weather Service where he is involved in the Cape Point Global Atmosphere Watch program. He is married to Ingrid, a part-time librarian at the Hugo Lambrecht Music School. The couple has two married daughters, Renate and Karen, who stay in Germany and Australia, respectively. In his leisure time, Ernst-Günther is very passionate about the outdoors – hiking, cycling and canoeing.

Ehrenamtlicher Hausmeister für Gebäudeinstandhaltung

Ulf Demasius was born in Port Elizabeth 1953 and shortly after this his Parents moved to Namibia where he grew up. He studied Electronic Engineering and qualified 1974 as an Electronic Technician. He worked at Telkom, Nampower and  Escom. After that he started his own business which he had for 16 years. As the market place had changed he decided to go and work offshore. He worked for 15 years in the offshore industry.

He is a keen sportsman and has played soccer, tennis, table tennis and swimming. His main hobby is Amateur radio and has been for over 35 years a member of the SARL. Ulf has been married to Inge Diekmann for 25 years and has three children. Two daughters Charlotte and Ulla and a son Theodor who is still at school.

Further Ulf is passionate about caravanning. He has been a member of the Kreuz Kirche for 27 years.