An Interview about the promised Land called the Future

Pastor Sadiki puts the following questions to Ernst-Günther Brunke: Q: What experience have you made during your career as air chemist in the Global Atmosphere Watch Program regarding the health condition of our planet in general, but more specifically the quality of land in South Africa? A: Firstly, it is important to note that [...]

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Liebe Schwestern und Brüder, Um eine Kirche zu sein mit Menschen“ ist mehr als „ eine Kirche sein für Menschen. Das Vorhandensein einer Kirche ist mehr als die Funktion einer Institution. Kirche hat mit Menschen zu tun. Wir sollen uns um Menschen kümmern und für einander da sein. Um eine Kirche mit Menschen zu [...]

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We need you help – Soup Kitchen in Eersterivier

We as a congregation have made a donation of vegetables toward a Soup Kitchen that is led by the Lutheran Congregation in Eerste Rivier with the help of the Buhr Family. Mr Wakefield of the Sister Lutheran Church, sends his greetings and thanks for the generous donation and diaconical assistance. On the 14th August [...]

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Cuppa for Charity

You are invited to attend our Annual Cuppa for Charity Event on 14 August 2019 at 10h30 The main Benefactor from this event is the Cancer Care Home at Tygerberg Hospital, which depends heavily on donations. The Cancer Care Home provides a home away from home for patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation for cancer. [...]

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Hallo to all the ex-Seamstresses! Do you have unused material filling your cupboards and don’t know what to do with it? Please would you give it to me? As you know I sew a lot. I can make good use of it for crafting for our church fetes or for charity. I can also [...]

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Leadership Report

You may have noticed some changes here and there in how we have been doing things in the congregation. One of the more obvious changes that many have noticed, has been our English Contemporary Service; the ´Service flows somewhat more relaxed and less focused on the historical importance of certain liturgical tradtions. This has [...]

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Vision | Mission

Risk taking Those congregations around the globe who have undergone transformation to an inclusive congregation, accommodating diverse cultures, have learned to take risks for the sa-ke of the gospel. In fact, being different - for Christ’s sake - constitutes a public witness. As an example, I can quote the East brook congregation in the [...]

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Host and be hosted

Practical Action for a Vital Future – host and be hosted In our daily lives we often meet strangers – be it in a shop, at a filling station, some-one knocking on our front door, or the passenger sitting next to us on a plane flight. Many of us keep a safe distance and [...]

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Gruss vom Pastor

Liebe Gemeinde | Liewe Gemeente | Dear Congregation Geht und Verkündet: Das Himmelreich ist nahe. Matt 10.7 Geh zu den Menschen, wo auch immer du hin gehst. Gehe und teile den Menschen mit, was dir freilich und großzügig gegeben ist. Wir sind eine Gemeinde die gerne sitzt und darüber spricht, wie es uns geht. [...]

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From the Bishop

VISITATION Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! I am grateful that we could agree on the weekend of 19-20 October 2019 to con-duct a visitation with you. Our Church Constitution requires a visitation of every congregation once every four years. This is a good regulation, because a visitation allows you as a congregation to look at [...]

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