Visitation feedback after the church service; 20th October 2019.

Thank you for allowing the visitation team to listen, hear and see what the Church of the Cross is all about.

This congregation has travelled many paths in the past couple of years – from Pastor Hahne to Pastor Molchin to Pastor Matome – all with very different styles and tools. Although this transition was stressful, traumatic and sad it has equipped you to embark on the next journey of finding a Pastor.

Your financial situation is manageable and in good hands, and something that the congregation can be very proud of. Appreciation to all involved.

There are many groups / clusters functioning within the congregation, more about them in the final visitation report, but one that I would like to focus on – namely Children’s Ministry / Sunday School/ Kindergottesdienst – children are the growth, the future members of this congregation – they need to be nurtured, embrace – made to feel wanted – perhaps you should light a candle from the altar and bless them before they leave the church and go to Sunday School. There is Children’s Ministry material available that is used within the CCE.

Thank you for having us and I wish you God’s blessings on your journey.

B. Du Buson (Member of Visitation Team)