The end of Jesus Christ’s life on earth was suffering and death. Since early times of the Christian church the 40 days before Easter have been set aside to ponder about this. In church buildings we find illustrations of the different stations Jesus had to go through before he reached the cross. Composers, painters and other artists created scenes to illustrate the passion. In convents and monasteries fasting was an important aspect during those 40 days.

Is lent a special time in our congregation?

In the gospels we read about Christ’s suffering (e.g. John, chapter 18 – 19) Humanly we want to stay away from getting hurt, suffering, pain and death. But can our emotions stay untouched and cold? When we read about Christ’s passion can we accept that Jesus went through all of this for us?

The assignment from God the Father was that Jesus should die for us, for me because God loves us, loves me. Jesus should pay the price that we can be saved. Jesus wants to live in my and in your heart. Be saviour to us!

Let us give our heart to Christ again (or for the first time). Let him touch us and be filled with His love. He wants to share Eternity with us.