I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief! Mark 9,24

There are moments when we simultaniously believe and do not believe. We experience that quite often in our daily lives. I do not mean a statement, for example „ I believe tomorrow it will be fine weather.“ To be able to believe is a gift from God. It is trusting that God’s word is true. God has sent His son Jesus Christ so that we can live in a relationship with God without sin. It is a fact because Jesus died on the cross for us. He paid for us with his blood. I believe it. I put my trust in it. Jesus rose again from the dead. That is the foundation of my belief. Jesus said yes to the Father’s way – the cup his Father wanted him to drink. He trusted his Father. He gave his life. As a believer I walk in this way. I have a goal for my life: God himself. God wants me to be together with him for all eternity. Mark, the evangelist, tells the story about a father who brings his son to the disciples. He asks for healing. The disciples cannot heal the son. The crowd and some of the pharisees start arguing. Jesus comes back with Peter, John and James from the mountain after the transfiguration of Jesus. The father tells Jesus that he has brought his son to be healed by him. The son is posesssed by an evil spirit that has robbed him of his speech. Whenever it seizes him, it throws him to the ground and threatens his life. The disciples can´t help him. Trusting that Jesus can help, the father asks: „If you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.“ Jesus‘ answer is, Everything is possible for him who believes. The father calls out loudly: I DO BELIEVE; HELP ME OVERCOME MY UNBELIEF! Jesus rebukes the evil spirit and commands it never to come back again. The child is healed. A human being experiences God as he walks through life. Trust in God starts growing. God is a God of mercy. When we doubt, God can give us trust – more and bigger trust in him and his possibilities. We can look forward, don´t be fearful of what the future may hold, but know that we will one day see what we have believed in. God keeps his promises.

A. Büttner