News from the Church Committee (CC)

The period of vacancy which lasted more than a year for our Bellville congregation has now finally come to an end. The CC is most grateful to all pastors and preachers (all in all about 12) who have over this period helped out to conduct church services – both at the Kreuzkirche as well as at the St. Johannis Heim. A special thanks goes to Pastor Meylahn from Stellenbosch who has been our locum tenens over this period and who has also partaken in the monthly CC meetings.

After many negotiations and several administrative difficulties, CC finally obtained a bond from a bank for the new parsonage in Brackenfell (12 Angelier Street). Pastor Matome Sadiki and his family moved into the new house on the 29th of June and are busy finding their feet. We trust that we will support one another and work together harmoniously as a team. Please note that we also have a building fund for the parsonage and that congregants are encouraged to support this fund raising endeavour.

A new phase in the life of the Bellville church of the Cross has now commenced and we trust our Lord that He will lead us on this new multicultural road, where we
OUR church hope to reach out to the people in our area. Please bring these new opportunities and challenges in your prayers before God.
Your CC.