Dear congregants of the Church of the Cross.

With lots functions and activities taking place at the Church of the Cross within the next couple of months, we have also spent time on reviewing our membership lists and pledges.The membership details of the congregation have been updated and the numbers have been ratified with the office of Cape Church. During 2018 letters reconfirming our pledges were spent / handed out to our members, sadly only a small number were completed and returned. These pledge commitments are an important indicator to the Church Committee on how financially strong the Church of the Cross is and what other fund raising functions would need to be planned and arranged.

We might have already forgotten – we have now got a full time Pastor, namely: Pastor Matome Sadiki, who is truly committed to serve this church/ congregation and the residents of the St Johannis Heim.

We also purchased a house that is being used as a manse, a ve-hicle Polo Vivo in order to allow church work and outreach to take place and we refurnished a classroom that is being utilised by the “Kindergarten”. All these big commitments were taken in faith, and then there are also the monthly expenses.

A sincere request from Church Committee, that every member of the Church of the Cross seriously reviews their pledge commitments. We are in this together and together we can make a difference, in our lives, the life of others and in the community.

We need to trust that Almighty God will continue to bless us through fellowship and His Word and Sacraments.

With kind regards
Your Committee