Mission and Vision (M&V) Group – Bellville Church of the Cross

The Mission-Vision (M&V) group of the congregation (initiated in June, 2019, by Pastor Sadiki) meets every Thursday evening at 19:00 in the church centre and meditates on the way forward for the congregation. Although this is not a closed group – and everyone is most welcome to attend – it turned out that four congregants currently form the core of this initiative. The group follows a listening process based on notes called ‘Treasure in Clay Jars – Patterns in Missional Faithfulness’ – compiled by several authors. In all this the question is asked: where is God taking us and what is our missional vocation? Other topics in this series include discipleship, the reign of God, risk taking and God’s intent. These meetings commence and end with prayer and emphasis is also placed on dwelling in the Word.
At the beginning of September, the notes on “Treasure in Clay Jars” had been worked through and a start was made on the book by Prof. Pat Keifert, entitled “A New Missional Era.” The M&V group is continuing with its meditation on the missional calling of the Bellville Church of the Cross (BCC) – also after Pastor Sadiki has departed for Germany (end of September).
Encouraged by the risks taken by some congregations in the USA to facilitate missional outreach, the BCC has opened its doors at the beginning of September to a group of Methodists on Sunday afternoons to conduct their church services.

E-G. Brunke