There is no one like you,
and there is no God but you

2 Samuel 7, 22

The king, who once was a sheperd boy. The sheperdboy who overcomes Goliath, when others were afraid. The Man who trusted God, when it could have been easier not to trust. He makes a public confession of faith that today would not be fashionable. David then King of Israel, publicly gives praise to God for his generosity. Acts of Trust.

David confesses God as the One and Only God. Having heard what God still has planned for him and his family in the future. As we look to our future in this congregation, and the many changes that have been taking place in the past months: Our trust in God had brought us so much and so many.

In his small catechism, Martin Luther, what many have had to learn for confirmation.
Martin Luther summarises the first commandment: many people have various gods and that could be money, capital, power, being loved and wisdom. Where i as a person lay my confidence and trust the most is my god. David confesses like we do in most Sunday services, his confidence and Trust in our God. A communal and personal confession God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are one.

On the Easter weekend, we as a congregation took steps of faith and expected and trusted that God would bring people to our many services. To the Breakfast, and sunrise services. And God provided more that we expected, more than we planned for.

Dear friends, God is moving with us. Like David a great future lays before us… Let us take confidence in the Lord, and trust. Let us go into the future
together; just as the sheperdboy did to Goliath. In trust.

Your brother in Christ