Our seven catechists this year are|

Bianca Buhr

Brigitte Buhr

Heiniger Buhr-Engelke

Sabine Solomon

Ralph Geiger

Theodore Demasius

Heidi Luley

The lessons are during school terms, usually from 08:00 to 09:00 on Sunday mornings before church.

During the year of 2014 we had 31 lessons: we have discussed the Ten Commandments, our Creed and Our Lord’s Prayer. The catechists have also participated as readers in 4 family-services in our Church.

During 2015 we will focus on Baptism, the Confession and the Lord’s Supper and Holy Communion. The progress of the learning process is set according to the possibilities within the group, this means that the catechists themselves determine the speed and volume of the learning process. We do not haste to reach a dead-line, we rather focus on satisfactory understanding of the topics we learn about.

When we have reached the point where we have nearly finished the curriculum, we will think about date arrangements for the confirmation.

In the mean time we would like parents, who wish their children to take part in the next (new) group of catechists, to please inform the church office or the pastor.