The cash flow of the congregation is not good and members need to be encouraged to honour and/ or increase their pledges whilst acknowledging that some of the members are in financial stress. Letters and newsletter will be used in this regard. There is also a need to identify members making once-off and in kind contributions.
Date to be set for a meeting to present the congregational financial report
The Easter Market Bazaar generated an income of about R 40 000.00
The insurance quotation from FNB for 12 Angelier Street has been accepted and approved

Maintenance and renovation work done on the kindergarten and the some part of the main church. The gutters still need to be cleaned in preparation for the rain season and this will be done in the coming week.
The gate at 27 Middel Street has been fixed

Christiane will be on leave on 30 April 2019 and 28 – 31 May 2019

Family News
Pastor gave an update on pastoral work provided to the congregational members who are sick. Most of the members visited are recovering quite well and need our prayers.